1 easy way to boost sales

Is there an easy way to boost sales? Many business owners overlook the easiest and cheapest way to generate more sales even though they probably have all the pieces they need at their fingertips. A business expends a lot of time, money and effort acquiring a customer and their first sale. Some companies only focus on the customers they engage or regularly interact with. But if you are looking to boost your sales and do it inexpensively, you should consider looking at the customers your business does not engage with regularly. How? By developing, implementing and managing a scoring system for your customers. An excellent scoring system will help identify sales opportunities that only require time to uncover. Time to make a phone call. Time to send an email. Time to create regular marketing campaigns. Time to monitor the results. A scoring system is a key to boosting sales in any company.


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Cash Flow Quadrant for Business Owners



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