Grow a business that can run without you - Part 3

The most rewarding part of growing a business that can run without you is being able to invest your time and money into projects, causes, companies and opportunities that you find interesting. Time is the only asset anyone has; making the most of it can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Some business owners will invest in other companies, while others may invest in something completely unrelated to their company. The real questions to ask are: what is the best use of my time, and what is the best use of my resources? When you start a business, your time is spoken for before each day arrives. As you experience the success that comes from a growing company you are not running, you will find that your available time can be multiplied to produce an even more significant result than that of your business. With the hard work behind you and your bottom line beneath you, how will you choose to invest your time and money?


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Cash Flow Quadrant for Business Owners


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