How to get new clients and grow revenue

Need new clients? Need to grow revenue? The easiest way to do this is to determine which clients your business enjoys serving and which clients enjoy interacting with your company and then build a plan around finding more of them. A business that focuses on swapping out imperfect clients for perfect clients is a business that is maximizing its resources and is efficiently maximizing its profit. It is challenging for a company to serve different types of customers. Each type of customer a business helps interrupts its ability to run efficiently, effectively and profitably. Adjusting to the needs of different types of customers means a company has to change how it delivers its products and services. The adjustments reduce profitability and limit revenue. The goal is to reduce the variety of customers your business serves and focus on a few that are highly profitable, easy to work with and who enjoy interacting with your company. Growing revenue doesn't mean expanding your customer base as much as swapping out imperfect clients for perfect ones.


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