Tacticalitis can be cured

Tac / ti / cal / itis: a curable condition found in many entrepreneurs and business owners who get stuck executing specific tasks that do not generate the results hoped for. Many times tacticalitis can produce frustration, disappointment and anxiety, as desired results are not achieved. This is due to a lack of strategy and the absence of a defined goal that can be measured. Treating the underlying symptoms can cure tacticalitis but if left untreated tacticalitis can lead to many other problems including lack of cash flow, poor customer service and a sales funnel that fails to produce opportunity.

All joking aside I have come to realize that many entrepreneurs and business owners (including myself) suffer from spending too much time on specific tactics that are being done without an overarching strategy or a goal that can be measured and adjusted. Do you suffer from tacticalitis? Are you frustrated or disappointed with the results you are getting in your business?

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